Golden Leaves prepaid funeral plans at todays prices

Living in the sun in Tenerife has many benefits – but however strong your local friendships are, you can be a particularly long way from home at times of family grief.

Will your friends know what to do, who to call and how to help arrange a funeral to suit your own and your family’s wishes? Golden Leaves funeral planning service will help you pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral. The plan has a dual country cover that will provide for a funeral plan in Tenerife or in the UK should you have returned there by the time you pass away.

Funeral planning relieves your loved ones of stress at a vulnerable time when they are least able to cope, more so because of language difficulties if they do not speak Spanish. By pre paying for your funeral expenses you are relieving them of the burden of having to find funds to pay for the funeral. A Funeral plan is a thoughtful and responsible approach to a sensitive subject whether your wishes are to be carried out in Tenerife or whether you would prefer to be re-patriated.

  • This is not an insurance policy
  • No health check is required
  • No personal questions need to be asked
  • Anyone can take out a Golden Leaves plan and at any age
  • Available throughout the UK and other selected Countries
  • Members of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans
  • Registered with the Funeral Planning Authority

Click here for details of costs or contact the One Stop Problem Shop who are authorised agents for Golden Leaves in Tenerife on (oo34) 922 86 74 78 or email

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