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School Registration

Can I get Health Care?

The Spanish National Healthcare Service is considered to be one of the best in Europe.


Most statistics show the Spanish service to be better and certainly the equal of the UK NHS. Access to this service is freely available to EU citizens as long as you have taken the necessary steps to prove your entitlement to the Spanish authorities, which in the case of S1 (formerly E121 and E106) will include applying for a residencia certificate. For UK residents who spend more than 3 months in Spain at a time you need either an S1 (formerly E121 and E106). The S1 (E121) is designed for people of retirement age who are receiving a UK State Pension and it entitles them to permanent and continuing access to the Spanish National Healthcare Service. A European Health Card will only entitle you to cover for holiday stays

Source:https://www.gov.uk/healthcare-in-spain The rules for getting state healthcare in Spain are different from those in the UK. This guide is intended to advise British nationals living, or planning to live, in Spain on the different ways to access healthcare.

Healthcare entitlement

If you are registered to work in Spain and make national insurance contributions then you can get state-run health care on the same basis as a Spanish national. For further information, get in touch with your local TGSS office .

If you registered as a resident in Spain before 24 April 2012, have an annual income of less than €100,000 and are not covered for healthcare though any other means, speak to your local INSS office to register for healthcare in Spain as a resident.

If you are in receipt of a UK old age state pension or long term sickness benefit, obtain an S1 form (previously E121) from the International Pension Centre on +44 191 218 7777. Once issued, register the S1 form with your local INSS office, before you register with your local GP surgery and obtain a medical card.

If you are a worker seconded to Spain, or the family member of a someone making UK national insurance contributions, contact HMRC to see if you have entitlement to an S1 form (previously and E106 or E109). Once issued, register the S1 form with your local INSS office , before you register with your local GP surgery.

If you are coming to study or are currently studying in Spain as part of a UK-recognised course, you may be entitled to healthcare paid for by the UK .

Purchasing Public Health Insurance

If you are not covered for state-run healthcare through other means, the Spanish regional health authorities offer a special pay-in scheme (convenio especial). This is a public health insurance scheme available nation-wide where you pay a monthly fee to access state-run healthcare. The scheme is managed by each autonomous region. Policy holders, including children, pay on an individual basis for access to public healthcare, regardless of pre-existing conditions, anywhere in Spain.

The basic monthly fee is 60€ for the under 65s and 157€ for those aged 65 and above. However, prescriptions are not subsidised at this rate so you would pay 100% of prescription costs. This form of cover doesn’t give holders the right to a Spanish EHIC at this time. Currently (Mar 2014) The scheme is currently only available in: Valencia, Murcia, Galicia and Castilla y León.

Once you have obtained al the necessary paperwork, you then have to register with your local GP to finalize the process., Most National health GPs in Tenerife DO NOT speak English and will require you to bring an interpreter. I can translate at this initial meeting and accompany you to any subsequent doctors or specialist appointments. You would be wise to bring any records of previous medical history with you.


Prescriptions are partly paid for by the patient even (from July 2012) for Pensioners. http://www2.gobiernodecanarias.org/sanidad/scs/content/555cbf34-c507-11e1-adc8-491cdb90fd3e/PreguntasRespuestasRD16_2012.pdf

A co-payment system of contributing towards the cost of prescriptions was introduced in July 2012. Most people, including UK pensioners, will be required to pay a percentage of the cost of their prescription medication. Co-payment will be handled by each autonomous community, so processes may differ slightly between regions.
The amount each person pays will depend on annual income and individual situation. The table below provides a basic overview of what residents will be expected to contribute. Details have not yet been released about how income will be assessed or how payments will be capped.
Various treatments are now no longer available by prescription in Spain, meaning these will now have to be paid for in full. Speak with your pharmacist for further information and to discuss all options available to you.

Annual income Social situation % of contribution Capped at:
Less than €18,000 Working Age 40% No capping
  State Pensioner 10% €8/month
Between €18,000 and €100,000 Working Age 50% No capping
  State Pensioner 10% €18/month
Over €100,000 Working Age 60% No capping
  State Pensioner 60% €60/month

See here for more information about Pensioners

The International Pension Centre deals with all enquiries regarding the payment of State Pension, bereavement benefits, incapacity benefits and other benefits for those living abroad.

International Pension Centre

Telephone: +44 (0)191 218 7777
Textphone: +44 (0)191 218 7280 (for those with speech or hearing difficulties)
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

Address International Pension Centre
Tyneview Park
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1BA
United Kingdom
Opening hours Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 8.00 pm

Contact numbers for
Pension Tracing Service +44 191 215 4491
Overseas Healthcare Team (Newcastle) +44 191 218 1999
Non-pensions related benefits
Bereavement Benefit/Widows Benefit +44 191 218 7608
Employment and Support Allowance +44 191 218 7117
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit +44 191 218 7650
Incapacity Benefit +44 191 218 7644
Pro Rata Incapacity Benefit +44 191 218 7051
Jobseekers Allowance +44 191 218 7652

You will also be entitled to a UK-issued EHIC card, allowing you to visit other EEA countries besides the one you are a resident in. For queries on this ring 0191 218 1999 (Option 1 when asked)

Subject to certain criteria you may also apply for an S2 (or E112) Planned Treatment Abroad

You will need to apply to your local UK health commissioner for their written agreement to recommend funding for treatment. In making this decision, your local commissioner will need to be satisfied that:

* A UK NHS consultant has recommended in writing that you be treated in the other EU country, and that a full clinical assessment has been carried out to demonstrate that the treatment will meet your specific needs.
* The costs of sending you abroad for treatment are justified against the health commissioner’s responsibilities for spending money efficiently and fairly, in the interest of all the patients they look after.
* The treatment is available under the other country’s state health scheme.
* You are entitled to treatment under the NHS.

If your commissioner agrees that you should go abroad for treatment, the appropriate paperwork should be passed to the Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle. They will consider the issue of the S2 (or E112) form. If issued, you will need to take this form with you to the other member state where you are going for treatment. For more information phone 0191 218 1999.

source http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/plannedtreatment/Pages/TheE112.aspx

Who is entitled to Spanish National Health cover and how can I apply?

EU citizens who are working or self employed and are making up to date Spanish national insurance contributions, plus their legal dependants, Retired EU citizens who were working legally in Spain and have now retired, or EU citizens who have retired and are entitled to health cover from their own member state via an S1 (formerly E121 or E106), job seekers who still have a entitlement on a residual S1 (phased out in 2014). British Visitors who have a valid European health Card issued by the UK can get emergency assistance whilst on holiday.

What happens if I stop working?

If you have paid contributions in Spain for 90 days during the previous 365 preceding days (ie you have worked legally or been self employed and paying Spanish national insurance contributions for at least 3 months in the preceding year), you are covered for the next 90 days after you stop work.

If you were being attended to before you ceased paying contributions then your cover is extended to 52 weeks for the worker and 39 weeks for the dependant and 39 or 26 weeks if the assistance commenced after you stopped paying contributions . source: http://www.seg-social.es and http://www2.gobiernodecanarias.org/sanidad/

If you use up your period of entitlement and do not have a partner of family member who can cover you then you can apply for "personas sin recursos económicos suficientes" which is basically says you do not have the means to provide your own health cover. This application is processed through your local National Health Medical Centre and is available to Spanish Nationals and Foreigners alike provided they have been resident and wroking in the Canaries or were resident before 24 April 2012, but it is means tested.

When British Nationals apply for 'sin recursos' healthcare, as well as having to provide information about income levels, and proof of residence, they will have to provide a letter which states they do not have entitlement to healthcare cover from the UK is produced by the Department of Health in the UK. You can request this certificate written in Spanish (as required by the authorities here), from the Overseas Healthcare Team on 0044 191 218 1999 ; have your UK national insurance number handy.

If you have not submitted a Spanish tax return then you will need to obtain a certificate from the UK tax authority to show your income or lack of income.

What about common law partners?

Common law partners can only be covered by the contributions of their partner if they have been registered as living together for a minimum of 1 year IN SPAIN and can prove this in writing with a certificate of convivencia from their local town hall.

What documents do I need to apply?


Where do I get it?

Retired Person with S1(E121)


Self -employed

Dependant Spouse not working in own right

Dependant Partner not working

Child born in another member state

Child born in Spain

Personas sin recursos económicos suficientes

Job Seeker with S1 (E106)

Certificate of Empadronamiento

Local Town Hall

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes (dated no more than three months old)

This is no longer being issued (2014) by the UK

Certificate of Convivencia

Local Town Hall




Yes (dated no more than three months old)

Yes original date of inscription must be at least 1 year ago, document must be dated no more than 3 months old

Yes (dated no more than three months old))

Yes (dated no more than three months old)


Marriage Certificate

Translated by legal translator




Yes (translated into Spanish if necessary)





Birth certificate

Translated by legal translator






Yes (translated into Spanish if necessary)

Yes OR Libro de Familia


Libro de familia

Justice of the Peace









Certificate of registration with Extranjeria.

Local Comisaría








Yes must have been issued before 24th of April of 2012

Social Security Number

Social Security *

Yes/ issued when S1 is processed- appointment needed.







Letter fom the UK demonstrating no entitlement to Health Cover from them UK Overseas Healthcare Team Room MO401, Durham House, Washington Tyne & Wear, NE38 7SF Telf.+441912181999      

Application form

Social Security *


















Last Declaración de la Renta, Legislation Letter and Consulate confirmation of No UK Benefits letter, also required
Tarjeta Sanitaria (Paper or eventually plastic card) Social GP Medico de Cabecera Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Use this link to download the asistencia sanitaria application form http://www.seg-social.es/prdi00/groups/public/documents/binario/46493.pdf

Use this link to make an appointment with CAISS https://sede.seg-social.gob.es/Sede_1/Lanzadera/index.htm?URL=104

Social Security * There are offices in various parts of the island and depending on where you live and what business you need to transact you may be required to go to Los Cristianos, Puerto de la Cruz, Granadilla, Santa Cruz etc. Most types of application are by appointment only at the social security which you can obtain here



In Tenerife Children ARE NOT attended by the same GPs that deal with adults. There are often shortages of trained pediatricians, so you may be registered at a "sub" health center, but your children may have to travel to the central health center Or the pediatrician may have split surgery hours between several locations. Check with your local doctor's receptionist when you register as to what the procedure is in your area, and make sure you keep up with new developments and seasonal variations.



There are notices in all Canarian Health Service establishments (in English, German, French, Arabic and Chinese and Spanish ironically, saying if you do not speak Spanish you must bring a translator with you. However in reality many GPs and specialists will be able to speak English and some particularly at Candelaria hospital are keen to practice English. HOWEVER they are not obliged to do so and whether you get an English speaker is the luck of the draw, if you are unlucky you may be refused a consultation and be sent away. Even if you are lucky enough to get an English speaker to diagnose you, you still have to deal with ancillary and admin staff who seldom do speak English.

In El Mojon outpatients and Candeleria Hospital almost all of the "Green Jackets" - help desk staff -have most European languages between them, but except in cases of really DIRE need or emergency there are not enough of them to go around to sit in on individual consultations.

So to sum up, do you need an interpreter to repeat your medication? - Probably not if you organise yourself - learn for example " repetir medicación por favor" - repeat prescription please - and take empty boxes or previous prescription so there is no confusion with what you want.

If you have a serious condition or need to tell doctor about some new symptoms, unless you are lucky in your doctor (and bear in mind that he/she could be substituted by a locum from time to time) then I would say you do need a translator- but shop around for your interpreter do they have professional liability insurance for example, cheapest is not always best?

If you have an ongoing chronic illness do try to learn at least the Spanish words that affect you - or write down in Spanish what you want to tell doctor before you go to the appointment so you are prepared at least a little.

Have a look here about how to make an appointment with the doctor.
and if you are a temporary visitor needing help look here.

Please feel free to call 0034 922 867478 or 0034 647057599 or email help@diana-mcglone.com for a list of current charges for interpreter services.

Emergency Health Service Assistance Whilst On Holiday In Tenerife

In the South of the Island of Tenerife, The Hospital del Sur (formerly known as El Mojon) has a 24 hour ER and Outpatients department for most disciplines except Onconology although there is a day hospital. This is also the site of the (as at Jan 2016) unfinished Southern National Health Hospital which is still under construction. -- Turn right off the road to Arona at the 1st Chayofa turn off - Big Bird statue. Click for Directions in Google Earth.

Hospiten Sur (Note the difference in spelling to the National health Hospital) commonly called the Green Hospital and Hospital Adeje are both private but WITH A NH DOCTOR's AUTHORISATION or if the Hospital del Sur's ER is not equipped to deal with the seriousness of the case and when you arrive in an NH ambulance NOT a private Ambulance, then cases and often outpatients appointments and some tests will be "subcontracted out" by the National Health to the private sector.

Sometimes the NH case will be stablised at the private ER at Hospiten Sur in Las Américas and then transferred to the National Health Hospital in the North - Our Lady of Candelaria (This is NOT in the town of Candelaria by the way) see here for directions:
Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria - Ubicación y accesos

If from the UK and you are using a UK issued European Health Card during normal surgery hours (and assuming that it is not an Emergency) it is always best to start at your nearest NH GP/Health Centre. Always take your passport as well as the card. You may not get seen that day if it is not a serious case but will be given an appointment time to come back. You will also need to make a doctors appointment if you need NH prescriptions.
These will always be part of "The Servicio Canario de Salud" ie the Canarian National Health Service.
They are in Puerto Santiago, Tamaimo, Alcala, Playa San Juan, Guia de Isora, Adeje, Arona, Los Cristianos, Valle San Lorenzo, Cabo Blanco, Las Chafiras and El Fraile (amongst other places: see a map here check the CS (Centro de salud) and CL (Consultorio local) boxes and the locations will show on the map.

Some of the National GP/Health Centres have 24 hour cover also (usually at the side of the building). EG Arona, Los Cristianos, Alcala if you click on the locations on this map then you will see ATENCIÓN CONTINUADA / URGENCIAS if that centre has 24 hour cover.

You can also go to one of the CAE (ERs) see here This time check the CAE box.

If you need an Ambulance dial 112: if you say "English" a couple of times you will be passed to an English Speaking Operator.

If you need to employ an interpreter during your doctor's/ hospital visits please telephone (0034) 647057599

S1 (Formerly E121)


Getting long-term Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance, widow's benefits, bereavement benefits or State Pension when you are living in another EEA country

You may be able to get one of the above benefits from the UK when living in another EEA country. If so, you may also get healthcare cover from the UK for yourself and for any members of your family who depend on you and who live with you.

If you think you qualify ring

International Pension Centre
Tyneview Park
Whitley Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE98 1BA

+44 (0)191 218 7777 (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm)

to ask for form S1 (Formerly E121) as soon as possible before you go if you know your new address in Spain or as soon as you can after you arrive here. You may need a separate S1 (E121) form for yourself and each member of your family. When you get them, you need to process them through the Seguridad Social.

Once you are registered in Spain, if you and any members of your family visit any other EEA country (including the UK) you will need a European Health Insurance Card for your emergency medical cover while you are there. You will be entitled to a UK-issued European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), allowing you to access state-funded necessary medical treatment when you visit other EEA countries besides the one in which you are resident, including when you return to the UK.

If your UK benefit stops for any reason, you will no longer get healthcare cover from the UK.

Once you have processed your entitlement at the Seguridad Social by way of the S1 (E121), you then have to register with a local GP to get access to non-emergency type treatment and care. You will need to be registered with your local town hall in order to prove which cachement area your place of residence falls into and therefore which GPs you may apply to register with.

YOU as an overseas visitor in the UK

You should also remember if you return for visits to the UK you may not automatically be able to obtain health cover there.

Are you visiting the United Kingdom? Have you been living outside the UK for more than 3 months? Did you know that you may have to pay for hospital treatment whilst in the UK? Hospital treatment is free to people who ordinarily live in the United Kingdom . If you do not normally live here then you may be required to pay for any treatment you might need. This is regardless of whether you are a British citizen or have lived or worked in the UK in the past.

Under the current Regulations, anyone who spends more than 3 months living outside the UK is no longer automatically entitled to free NHS hospital treatment in England. This includes people in receipt of UK state retirement pensions.


You should make sure you have applied for a European Health Card from the Spanish authorities before returning to the UK as a visitor - this if free and valid for one year from the date of issue. I can help you to obtain this card if you do not know where to go or do not speak Spanish.

What To Do In The Event Of a Death

If the death is suspicious or accidental the police would become involved and then there may have to be an autopsy and an enquiry in which case the relatives would be advised of what steps to take.

If the deceased died in Hospital then you should advise your local funeral director or Funeral Plan holder who will take care of arrangements.

If the deceased;

your own medical centre should be the first call. The local doctor will issue the death certificate and Funeral directors may not disturb the remains until that is issued.

If the death is out of hours or at a weekend or the deceased was not registered dial 112 and ask for an English speaker (if necessary) they will then advise the duty doctor who will come to the home.
The next call should be either to you funeral plan operator (there are many good ones but I recommend http://www.goldenleaves.com/) or to the local funeral director.

If the loved one is to be cremated then I would use SERVISA
local office in Guaza C/ Lomo de la fuente, 14, ARONA, Tel. 922 169 157. We only have 2 Crematoriums on the island and both are in Santa Cruz - SERVISA operate one of them and are used to dealing with Ex-Pats.

Finally or concurrently you may want to get in touch to arrange a religious service -
Since the death of the incumbant there is currently no Anglican priest, but more information can be obtained from

Church Warden:
Mrs. Maryrissa (Marisha) Carter
4B Altavista Residential, Calle Mejico
Tejina, Guia de Isora, Tenerife
Tel: 922 857 990
e-mail: marishacarter@hotmail.com

Normally the funeral director will obtain as many international or ordinary copies of the death certificate for you as you require. You will need these to advise banks, insurance companies etc and of course the tax office here. Inheritance tax is another thorny issue which is too complicated to include here (click on the link to be taken to the tax information page), but you should be aware that you have 6 months from the date of demise to deal with this.

Registering your child for a state school in Tenerife

If your child is staring school for the first time you need to sign them up in March/April for the following September. If they are transferring from a UK school you can apply at any time (obviously not school holidays) but may have to wait for the next term to start. You must visit the school administrator of the appropriate school in your cachement area, where you will be given a list of all that is required of you. There are slight variations between areas but the basics are the same.

You need to fill out a "solicitud de plaza en centros de education infantil y primeria" enrollment form and the relegious requirements form and have the following paperwork :

1) Certificate de Empadronimiento from the Ayuntamiento that proves that you are resident at your address.

2) A photocopy of the NIE Certificado de registro and passport of both parents and the certificado de registro of the child (if he or she is a non Spanish EC citizen).

3) If your child was born in Spain - Your Libro de Familia and a photocopy of the child's page from it - or if born outside Spain the child's birth certificate and an official translation of it.

4) If you have been living and working here prior to your child going to school then you need a Photocopy of the 'Declaración de la Renta' - tax return of both parents and social security number(s).

5) If the child has brothers or sisters in the school, you need documentation from the school to prove it. This helps to arrange that siblings can all go to the same school.

6) If your child has any disabilities or chronic illnesses you will need medical documentation to support it from the relevant doctor or specialist and you will need these translated if they originate from the UK. You need to have a print out (UK) or certificate (Spain) of vaccinations.

4) "Carnet" sized photographs of each child

5)Proof of Health Care entitlement

Expect to have to pay for and obtain all text books, writing, painting materials, paper etc. unless you are lucky enough to live in an area where the local authority helps out with thisYou will given a list of what your child is expected to have.


The inability to speak the local language is one of the biggest barriers to settling into an overseas community. If you don't Speak Spanish and you Need Help in Tenerife?-

with any sort of paper work, Translations, NIE, Certificate of Residence Registration applications and renewals, Tax returns - La Renta etc, Voting rights - Padron, Car Transfers, Boat transfers, Change or renewal of Driving Licence, Making your Spanish Will, Registering at the Doctors, obtaining a European Health Card, visits to Hospital, Denuncias at the Police station or Guardia Civil, Dealing with the town hall or utility companies, etc etc. etc.. To email Click Here help@diana-mcglone.com or ring mobile number 0034 647 057 599 or ring land line 0034 922 86 74 78 and leave your contact details.

I will accompany you every step of the way!


West Tenerife (Main Office)
South Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz (by appointment)

To make an appointment telephone

0034 922 86 74 78 or email

The One Stop Problem Shop
In case of emergency and urgent need for an interpreter (Sudden illness: Loss or theft of passport, credit cards etc: or Accident.Telephone
C/Alonso Ferrer, Playa Arena
Tel 922 86 7478
0034 647057599

Duty Chemists in Tenerife: http://www.farmaciascanarias.com/farmguardia.cfm?isla=tenerife

Getting your own Doctor’s appointment at the Canarian National Health Doctor’s Surgery

If you know your CIP number which is on your medical card (and provided you are properly registered with a Spanish GP), then you can make an appointment on the internet click on this link


Or you can ‘phone 012 seven days a week to make an appointment with your GP, when you get through a recorded voice will speak giving you options, when it pauses then press “one” on your telephone.

You may get straight through to a human being, or you may get another recorded message which is saying that the operators are occupied and you should hold the line. This can be repeated several times depending on how busy they are.

The voice will change and you should hear someone introduce themselves by name, ending up with the phrase ( all of the Spanish here is reproduced phonetically in block capitals) EN KAY PWEYDOH EYE-OOO-DAR-LAY? ¿En que puedo ayudarle? (HOW CAN I HELP YOU)


They say – APPLE – YEEDOS? apellidos (SURNAMES)

You say your surname and it´s useful to say SOLO EYE OON APPLE –YEEDO Solo hay un apellido (I ONLY HAVE ONE SURNAME)

They say FET-CHA DAY NASS-EE-ME-EN-TOH? ¿Fecha de nacimiento? (DATE OF BIRTH)

See the phonetic guide below as to how to say this

They then confirm your first name, and the name of your doctor,

Say “Si” if they have got it right.


You choose CON-SULE-TAH consulta if you need to consult the doctor or REP- ET-EAR repetir if you just need to get your prescriptions.

They then tell you the date and time of your appointment

Working days of the week

Lunes - LOO - NAYS - Monday

Martes - MAR - TAYS - Tuesday

Miercoles - MEE -AIR -COLL -AYS -Wednesday

Jueves - HWEY- VEZ - Thursday

Viernes - VEE- ERR-NAYS - Friday


Enero - EN-AIR-OH -January

Febrero- FEB-RARE-OH- February

Marzo- MAR-ZO -March

Abril- AB-RILL- April

Mayo- MAY-OH -May

Junio- WHO-KNEE-OH- June

Julio- WHO-LEE-OH -July

Agosto- AH-GOS-TOH -August

Septiembre- SEP-TEE-EM-BRAY -September

Octubre- OC-TOO-BRAY- October

Noviembre- NO-VEE-EM-BRAY- November

Diciembre- DISS-EE-EM-BRAY- December


Dia - DEE-AH (This literally means day, but the way to say a date in Spanish, for the purposes of your appointment, is to say

"Lunes día veinte de Septiembre" LOO -NAYS DEE-AH BEN-TAY DAY SEP-TEE-EM-BRAY - Literally - Monday the twentieth day of September.


























































































Mil novecientos y MEAL NO-VEE-SEE-EN-TOSS EEEE - nineteen hundred OR Dos mil DOSS MEAL two thousand and :


y - EEE - and



















Example: Veinte de Septiembre de mil novecientos sesenta y dos BEN-TAY DAY SEP-TEE-EM-BRAY DAY MEAL NO-VEE-SEE-EN-TOSSSAY-SEN-TAH EEEE DOSS - 20/9/1972


20 years living and working on the island, I am not a qualified solicitor nor do I pretend to be one!, but I can help you with registering at the doctors and interpreting and any day to day transactions with most public bodies, including the Police or Guardia Civil, Trafico, Extranjeria, Utility companies and the local councils, for a sensible fee please email for a current scale of charges, and more importantly I know where to obtain trusted, professional advice and can translate for you, should that become necessary. -- Di McGlone

The One Stop Problem Shop

Don't have the right paperwork?
Don't speak Spanish?
Don't know where to turn?
Don't worry! Let me take care of your problems.
Driving licence, NIE, Certificate of Residence, Car and Boat transfers, Certificate of empadronamiento, Medical visits or any other problems you may have. I will hold your hand every step of the way.
Phone Diana McGlone on: (0034) 922867478 or Mobile: (0034) 647057599 or email help@diana-mcglone.com

Main office in Calle Alfonso Ferrer, Playa Arena, Local Agents KBD C/Los Ángeles, Puerto Santiago, Regular Surgery held in Palm Mar. All other Tenerife locations covered by appointment.

We will accompany you every step of the way!

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DUTY CHEMISTS http://www.farmaciascanarias.com/farmguardia.cfm?isla=tenerife

Complejo hospitalario nuestra señora de candelaria, Ctra. del rosario, s/n. 38010 Santa cruz de tenerife

Patient enquiries 922 60 21 35

Emergency department enquiries 922 60 21 32

Hospiten Sur Las Americas 922 75 00 22 general enquiries switchboard http://www.hospiten.es
British Consulate

Public Office Hours:

Winter: 9 - 14:00
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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

British Consulate
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Tel.: 922 28 68 63
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download passport application forms here

Lost or stolen passport form click here

Commercial Information - Canary Islands:

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email: kagordon40@hotmail.com
REINA SOFIA AIRPORT Reina Sofia Airport - Tenerife South,
38610 Granadilla de Abona,

Location: The airport is located in the south of the island, 60km (37.5 miles) from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the north

Telephone: (0)922 759 200
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E-mail: infotfs@aena.es
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