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Source information posted on the ministry of the interior's website (28/03/07) quote: Back to Main Article

Stay in Spain of duration longer than 3 months

(Under 3 months is considered a holiday visit and a valid passport is sufficient)

The citizens of a member state of the European Union, or of another state which has subscribed to the agreement on the European Economic Space, have the right to reside in Spanish territory for a period of time exceeding three months. Those interested in doing so are required to apply in person to have themselves included on the Central Register of Foreigners - - at the Office of Foreigners in the province where they intend to reside or alternatively at their nearest Police Comisaría (Central National Police Station).

This application must be submitted within 3 months of the date of the person's entry into Spain, and they will be immediately issued with a certificate of registration which will show, the name, nationality, address of the registered person, their Foreigners Identity Number (NIE) and the date of the registration. Together with the application for inclusion on the register, they must present a valid and in date passport or national identity document. In the event that said document has expired, they must provide a copy of their application to renew it.

Processing and validity of the Certificate of Registration

The application for the emission of the Certificate of Registration must be made using the appropriate official form and having previously paid the appropriate fee (as indicated in the current scale of charges for supplying official documentation)

In all cases the validity of the certificate issued is subject to the holder advising the authorities of any change in their marital circumstances, nationality or address.

Non EC nationals married to EC Nationals are subject to different criteria (not reproduced here)

You should always seek advice concerning your particular circumstances and take a translator with you if necessary as the civil servants concerned are not obliged to speak English

(Translated in good faith from the original Spanish reproduced below - source: Diana McGlone accepts no liability either direct or implied for any loss or damage occasioned by the use of said information)


This information was sent out by the British Embassy in Madrid

Press release, British Embassy, Madrid 7 March 2007


CLAMPDOWN ON LOANS FOR FOREIGN BUYERSNon-resident buyers hit as banks bring bar down on false claims

BUYING a second home in Spain is getting tougher because of a clampdown on loans to non-residents.
The move follows a spate of false mortgage applications.
Spanish bank Banesto, part of the Banco Santander group, last week ( August 2007) withdrew all of its non-resident mortgage lending without warning.
It followed hard on the heels of a decision weeks after a similar move by Caja Mediterraneo bank, one of the largest providers of non-resident mortgages in Spain.
It instructed its branches not to accept any non-resident mortgage applications for the time being.
Heather Chambers, a director of International Mortgage Solutions, Spain’s largest non-resident mortgage broker, said: “This is clearly a case of once bitten, twice shy for Banesto.
“It’s sad that a few unscrupulous brokers supplying false paperwork to the banks in order to get their commission has led to a situation where genuine foreign buyers have to suffer.”
Chambers said that, despite the confusion caused in the market, the banks should be applauded for their swift action in trying to stamp out the fraudulent practice.
“As the Spanish mortgage market has opened up and become more flexible the depth of credit analysis has also increased,” she said.
“Spanish banks are tightening up and have become much more careful to check documentation before granting mortgages.”
Lenders have even begun to check liabilities and credit history in the applicants’ countries of residence, something they didn’t bother to do before.
Scottish Widows, part of the Lloyds TSB group, has also started to register non-resident loans granted in Spain on the client’s credit file back in the UK.
Chambers said: “The climate is certainly changing and those operating on the wrong side of the law will have to clean up or close down.”



News Flash 1/11/07



We (The foreigners department of the National Brigade of Police) advise citizens of the European Union that due to technical reasons, from today until the removal of this notice, there will be no Certificates of Registration of EU citizens issued. (This document replaces the old residencia - and is commonly referred to as a “green paper”)

On Tuesday 30 October 2007, almost a week after the stationary ran out, that the British consul’s office was advised an emergency supply – “about enough to last a week” – had arrived that morning.
A spokeswoman for the British Consulate has said: “Neither we nor the National Police know when or if adequate fresh supplies will arrive from Madrid and, even when they do, there is no guarantee that this sort of thing won’t happen again.”

You would be well advised to check the day before you intend to make a trip to the Southern Tenerife "Comisaria" If at all possible I will advise of changes to this situation on this website.

Passport Fees 1 April 2007.
The fees for passports and other chargeable consular services provided by British consular posts overseas are to increase from 1 April 2007.  For example, an adult 32 page passport will cost £119.00 (up from £91.00) and registering a British National's birth will cost £92.00 (up from £64.50).
These changes will ensure that the full costs of providing services are fully recovered without any claim on the British tax payer and to meet increasing demand, while maintaining high standards of service. The Director for Consular services in Spain, Michael John Holloway said: "Over the past couple of years the cost of running the consular service has increased considerably.  HM Treasury rules require us to recover our full costs from fee income and don't allow us to make a loss; we do not make any profit from these services.  We want to maintain the services we provide and given the increased demand for consular services from the British public, a fee increase is necessary.  The alternative would be to reduce the levels of service and size of our consular network in Spain.  This is not an option.  British nationals are travelling and living in all corners of Spain and expect high quality support services throughout – this is shown by the continuing increase in requests for our services.  I believe we are delivering on what our customer  wants but this has to be paid for.  We are determined to continue to offer the best service possible to British nationals who require our assistance.” The Director continued by saying “Compared to other products, the price of consular and passport services remains competitive.  For example, a full 10 year passport which gives its holder access to consular support services world-wide will cost £119 compared to the average 1 year comprehensive worldwide travel insurance which costs £90.” For further details of the increased fees, together with a more detailed explanation about why these increases are necessary please click here

This acurate article taken from the Times March 09, 2007 (London) puts forward some very important points about coming to retire in Tenerife

Shelter from the sun

More and more elderly Britons are finding life in Spain a struggle

JANE COLEMAN moved to her new home in Tenerife with her husband intending to spend her retirement relaxing in the sun and putting her nursing days behind her. But chance would be a fine thing. Now she finds herself busier than ever working as a carer and home help, looking after impoverished and destitute fellow Brits.

“I couldn't turn my back on all these people,” she says. “They are in poor health and have no one to look after them. I've lost count of the number who have bought property out here without thinking about the future.”

One of her clients, Mike, whose wife has died, suffered a stroke last year and couldn't manage on his own. Now Jane cleans his house and does his shopping for him. He has a British pension but does not receive any social care, because in Spain care of the elderly is done within the family.

Coleman says: “It's not just retired people this is happening to, it's all ages, even people in their twenties who have tried to make money from a time-share business only to see it collapse. In Spain having a contract of work is a passport to all sorts of benefits and if you don't have a job you lose all entitlement.”

Mike's plight is typical of a growing number of British people who have sold up and moved abroad. But their property dream has turned into a nightmare of poverty, deprivation and ill health. The Foreign Office says that the number in that predicament now runs into thousands. The British Consulate in Málaga spends much of its time dealing with elderly British nationals who moved there ten or 15 years ago but who now find they cannot manage because of inadequate preparation for their new life.

And this is a problem that is likely to grow. A recent report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) indicates that almost one in ten Britons now lives abroad and that a British national emigrates every three minutes. It predicts that a further one million Brits will move abroad over the next five years.

Bruce McIntyre, the British Consul in Málaga, says: “Sadly we spend much of our time dealing with elderly British nationals who cannot manage alone. Sometimes a partner has died and the other is too old or infirm to go out and buy food. Sometimes people have made bad property investments or have not budgeted their pensions sufficiently and are living in extreme poverty.” He says that British retired people need to realise that not many European countries have welfare provisions like the UK. There are often no old people's homes, no district nursing, community care or meals on wheels. He adds that there are some steps new residents can take: Register with the local authority, so that when you fall ill you can receive medical care; Would-be emigrés must do their homework: the costs of renovating and maintaining a property and of hiring a local lawyer can leave residents with no money for day-to-day expenses; It helps if you can speak the language. The IPPR report shows that the inability to speak the local language is one of the biggest barriers to settling into an overseas community.

Nevertheless, the problem of impoverished Brits living in Spain has led Age Concern to set up an office in Majorca. The charity says it helps about 100 people a year to repatriate to the UK. “If people are registered officially as residents in another country within the EU, they are entitled to the same support as other residents in that country,” an Age Concern spokesman says. “However, the support available may differ from the support in this country – very limited social services, for example – and language may make it difficult to access.

“Returning to England is often the last option and can be very traumatic for someone who has lived a significant portion of their life elsewhere.”

Passport and Courier fees as of Jan 2009

Passport fees
32-Page passports - first passport or renewal (yellow C1 form)
€ 137 + courier fee if passport is delivered

48-Page passports - first passport or renewal (yellow C1 form)
€ 166 + courier fee if passport is delivered

Passports for under 16s - first passport or renewal (pink C2 form)
€ 87 + courier fee if passport is delivered

Courier fees

Customers who apply in person in Madrid can still collect their passports in person from the Consulate-General in Madrid if they wish. Where your passport is delivered to you, courier fees for all the above passports will be charged as follows:

Mainland Spain, Mainland Portugal & Balearics - €16
Canaries, Ceuta, Melilla, Azores, Madeira & Andorra - €21

Note that the courier fee is payable per delivery to a single household, not per passport. For example:

1 adult application = €137 + €16 courier (mainland)
2 adult applications from the same household = €137 + €137 + €16 courier (mainland)
2 adult applications + 1 child from the same household = €137 + €137 + €87 + €16 courier (mainland)

Emergency Passports

€64 (if issued during office hours)
€64 + €139 call-out fee (if issued outside office hours)

Changes in Spanish Tax regulations from 2010

Effective January 1, 2010, the general withholding and prepayment rate increased from 18% to 19%. This is called "Retención" It is applied, for example on the payment businesses who rent locals make on Modelo 115

There are similar amendments to nonresident income tax, consisting of increasing the tax (and withholding) rate established for dividends, interest and capital gains. The tax rate applicable to such income is increased from the current 18% to 19%.

En materia de retenciones, se leva al 19 por 100 el tipo de retención para los rendimientos de capital mobiliario, para las ganancias patrimoniales derivadas de las transmisiones o reembolsos de acciones y participaciones de instituciones de inversión colectiva, para los premios, para los arrendamientos y subarrendamientos de bienes inmuebles urbanos y para los rendimientos precedentes de la propiedad intelectual, industrial, de la prestación de asistencia técnica, del arrendamiento de bienes muebles, negocios o minas y del subarrendamiento sobre los bienes anteriores.

The 400 euros per year income tax rebate across the board has now been withdrawn for 2010, but is replaced for those with an annual income of less than 12,000 euros as follows:

Annual income equal or less than 8,000 euros deduction 400 euros per annum

Annual income between 8,000.01 and 12,000 euros deduction of 400 euros LESS 0.1 x the differance between the annual earnings and 8,000 euros

Art. 80 bis.1 de la Ley 35/2006, de 28 de noviembre, del Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas
Físicas, modificado por el art. 70 de la LPGE 2010, con efectos desde 1 de enero de 2010:


18 years living and working on the island, I am not a qualified solicitor nor do I pretend to be one!, but I can help you with registering at the doctors and any day to day transactions with most public bodies, including the Police or Guardia Civil, Trafico, Extranjeria, Utility companies and the local councils, for a sensible fee - 25 euros an hour, and more importantly I know where to obtain trusted, professional advice and can translate for you, should that become necessary. -- Di McGlone

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